Jug Lugger – Heavy Duty Refrigerant Carrying Straps

The  Engineered Shoulder Pad…the Key to Comfort

Shoulder pads on today’s HVAC tools are just not comfortable. We spent hundreds of hours selecting, testing, and retesting various types of padding to meet the expectations of those who need to carry heavy objects day after day. The rugged shoulder pad on our refrigerant strap is covered with high quality, heavy duty nylon and special anti-slip fabric to keep it secure on your shoulder. The Juglugger strap wraps securely around our shoulder comfortably and securely without bindiing, quickly and securely locks to heavy refrigerant cylinders and equipment, and easily adjusts length to minimise twisting and fiddling.

The Heavy Duty Snap Links – The Easy Secure Connection

Your Juglugger refrigerant strap connects to gas cylinders and other heavy objects using heavy gauge steel snap links. They are easy-on and easy-off, but lock in place to secure the load. Everything about the Juglugger is over-designed to exceed the expectations of the hardworking HVAC engineers who put our product to the test day-in and day-out. You simply will not find a better, more rugged, or longer lasting carrying strap.

Bringing it together

Our refrigerant strap is designed to comfortably and easily attached to disposable gas cylinders, reclaim cylinders, and European approved refrigerant cylinders… not to mention many other heavy object you need to get to the job site!

Product Use Guidelines and Warnings

  • Do not use to carry gear weighing over 50 lbs.
  • Persons with back, neck or shoulder injuries and persons with similar physical limitations should not use this product.
  • Not recommended for extended carrying trips.
  • Always check strap and padding for excessive wear or damage before each use-discard if excessive wear or any damage exists.
  • Refrigerant cylinder may shift, creating an unbalanced load; use extreme caution to centre weight when using this product to prevent unbalanced loads.
  • Use extreme care and common sense if climbing ladders while using this product; do not use damaged ladders or ladders placed on an unstable base; ensure that persons and property are cleared from base of ladder or are otherwise properly protected from falling objects while using this product.
  • If you experience discomfort while using this product, discontinue use.

Price £42.65 Including VAT & Carriage

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