Modern Refrigeration & Air Conditioning – Book Review

by HVAC Insider on March 30, 2009

If there was one book that I would not want to be without, it’s this one.

Modern Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Modern Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Modern Refrigeration and Airconditioning by Andrew D Althouse, Carl Harold Turnquist , Alfred Bracciano

Now in it’s 18th edition, it really is the definative work on the subject of Refrigeration & Air Conditioning covering basic theory and dealing with all the practical issues that the technician is likely to to encounter in his/her day to day work.

Updated to cover new refrigerant gases, techniques and equipment, there’s something for everybody from Newbie to Experienced Technician.

Hundreds of Pictures and Diagrams to explain techniques and theories. Well worth the money and essential for the dedicated Professional.

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